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Align yourself with the patterns in nature

Yogini – The Subtle Body

A 6-Week Course @ The Yoga Shed,

April 11th - May 16th, 7-9pm, €120

Over this 6 week course I will cover the systems of the subtle body, the chakra, nadi and pranic pathways within us. This course is designed for those who wish to explore beyond the physical poses and connect to the deeper rivers of energy that we embody. Over each of the two hour classes I will be focusing on all levels of yoga practice, deepening our connection to our true essence that which connects us to all. 

This course is suitable for all levels except absolute beginners. 

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Black Moon Feast

The Yoga Shed

Sunday April 15th, 4-9.30pm, €100

We start the afternoon with a 3 hour yoga practice designed specifically for women followed by a multi-course feast of delicious vegetarian food prepared by the brilliant Katie Sanderson. The inspiration for this event is the red tent, a place where women gathered for three days when the moon was black. They came together to feast, to laugh, to cry, to rest and restore and recharge by bathing in the essence and energy of each other.

This course is suitable for all levels except absolute beginners.

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Women’s Yoga Retreat

The Cliffs of Moher

April 20th - 21st

It is said when women gather together the world heals a little… when we come together in the spirit of connection, rest and rejuvenation, which we have been doing since time began, we have an opportunity to awaken deep instinctual wisdom. When we lay down our burden and take precious time for ourselves, all who we carry benefit.

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Yoga Cycling Mini-break

Bergen, Holland

April 26th - 29th 2018

I have been visiting this area of Holland for over 20 years and I'm so happy to be finally sharing all it has to offer.
Over three days we will enjoy daily yoga practice, bike riding through the forests and dunes of this spectacular area, great food and long walks on the endless stretches of beach.
We will stay in the beautiful restored monastery, Huis Glory, situated in the middle of a forest, on top of one the highest dunes of the Netherlands. Please get in touch for a full itinerary and prices.

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