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Align yourself with the patterns in nature

Friday @ 10am Level 2 in Fumbally Stables last class of season July 5th Restarts Aug 30th

In my 90 minute weekly classes I hope to remind students that the most effective and perceptive teacher in the room is their own body. I attune students towards awareness of the sensations associated with each asana or pranayama. I find this a more integrative method than staging a pose for students to copy. I like to think I can speak the language of sensation clearly, so classes become a simple, joyful and sensual exploration.

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In the power of giving birth I saw the sun in all its glory, I saw the fear in man's eyes at the earth shattering strength of woman.

Alchemy of Womanhood, Dolores Rice

Pregnancy Yoga courses - Tues @ 7.30pm - Home Studios.

I have taught yoga to over five thousand women through their pregnancies. I believe Yoga is where the pregnant woman can find the strength and space to carry her baby healthfully. It’s where she finds the essential sense of calm for both herself and her baby and where she prepares her breath for the deepest physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual experience there is… human birth. Lest we forget, we are breathed into life.

Tuesday classes are held in Home Studios, the next 4 week courses starts June 18th. After a 6 week summer break, an 8 week course will commence from August 27th .

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Active Birth Workshops

Having taught over 1000 couples over the past 13 years I would summarise the practice of Active Birth as the simple understanding that in labour when it feels good, it is good. In these workshops, I remind the expectant couples of the innate physical logic of a woman’s body. I teach birth partners how to support the labouring woman through understanding the labouring environment – it’s movements, breath and tone. Equipping them with tools and techniques to help their partners to labour as healthfully, easefully and holistically as possible.
Next workshops on July 6th, Aug 31st, Oct 12th and Nov 30th. Please attend one as close to your due date as possible.

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